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Post Production

Motion graphics and title sequences are one of our key strengths. We embed our skill into your narrative, elevating your creation in one of our Cinema 4D or After Effects suites.

Some of our work

Beano Studios and our editors worked together to create visual effects and motion graphics to bring the Sky Kids' television series, So! Beano, to life.
The Michael Van Gerwan player profile motion graphics sequence was created in-house using Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects to highlight 3D depth and bring a futuristic look.
In this shot from Thronecast: War Room, the flying dragon’s shadow was added using After Effects. Puppet Pin then rotoscoped so the dragon would sit behind the presenter and fall naturally on background objects.

Animated in After Effects, we created a sequence of seemingly random patterns with colour distortion and texture that aligned to reveal the programme title, ‘My Icon’. 

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